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  1. General Support 

    1. What Is Sparkk TV?
    2. What Is A Web Series or Webisode?
    3. What Third-Party Vendors Are Installed On The Site?
    4. How Do I Report a Bug Found?
    5. Subscribe/Unsubscribe from Newsletter
  2. My Account 

    1. Do I Need An Account on Sparkk TV?
    2. How To Create An Account?
    3. Manage Your Queue
    4. Account Issues (Email In Use, Reset Password, Delete, etc...)
    5. My Profile
  3. Watching 

    1. How To Watch Sparkk TV (episodes & clips)
    2. A Series I used to watch on Sparkk TV is no longer available?
    3. When Do New Episodes Get Added? (Or No Episodes in a While)
    4. Common Video Issues
    5. Video Settings (Quality, Captions & more)
  4. Submissions 

    1. How Do I Submit My Series To Sparkk TV?
    2. What Should I Have Ready For My Show Submission?
    3. How Sparkk TV Promotes A New Series or Season
    4. How does Sparkk TV work for showrunners?
  5. Site Features 

    1. Search For An Episode
    2. Dark Mode
    3. Support Forum
    4. Blog
  6. Mobile 

    1. What Is PWA?
    2. AirPlay / Chromecast
    3. How To Install our PWA on iOS?
    4. How To Install Our Google Play App
    5. How To Install Our Fire Tablet App
  7. Smart TV's 

    1. How Can I Watch on my TV?
    2. How To Download?
    3. Roku - Not Appearing in Channel Store
    4. Roku - Video Unavailable Error
    5. Roku - What Is Weekly T-10?
  8. Desktop Apps 

    1. Browser VS. PWA
    2. Sparkk TV ON! - Windows - Notice Of Deprecation
    3. macOS/Linux - Notice Of Deprecation
    4. Install PWA on macOS
    5. Install PWA on Windows 10
  9. Changelogs 

    1. Web Changelog
    2. Google Play Store Changelog
    3. Microsoft Store Changelog
    4. Amazon App Store Changelog
    5. Fire TV Changelog
  10. All articles 

    1. Do I Need An Account on Sparkk TV?
    2. How To Watch Sparkk TV (episodes & clips)
    3. How Do I Submit My Series To Sparkk TV?
    4. What Is Sparkk TV?
    5. Search For An Episode

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