Do I Need An Account on Sparkk TV?

You will never need to create an account or register at Sparkk TV to watch our shows. If you want to use advanced features such as Commenting, Adding Episodes to a Queue to watch later, or other newer features that may be added to our site/app, then you will need to create an account. It's a process that takes only a few minutes and we ask you very basic information such as email, username (for comments), and password. For your avatar, we use Gravatar, so if you use any features, make sure to upload an avatar using your email address on Gravatar. You may also use your favorite Social Network Account to create an account even faster and never have to worry about remembering a Username or Password again.

There are many features that are available for Account users only on Sparkk TV. We never require an account to watch full episodes, clips/previews or browse our site. However an account is required for the following...
  • Comment on Episodes
  • Add Episodes to Personal Queue
  • Subscribe to Newsletter (COMING SOON)
New features are always being added and this list will be updated when new features become available that require an account to access.

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