What Third-Party Vendors Are Installed On The Site?

Sparkk TV uses two Google Analytics sources for measuring traffic and ratings for episodes of it's shows. The first is the Google Tag Manager which allows us to measure the ratings for episodes, the other is Google Analytics which see's traffic to the site. In order to know what information they may collect or use, you will need to visit there site's Privacy Policy or Terms Of Use. Some information about collection and what information is used is also available in our Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use.

Sparkk TV also utilizes the YouTube API video service. You will need to inquire with each service to see if they collect any information for you the end-user or visit our Video Services section for more information.

Sparkk TV also collects Social Network information limited to email & birthdate for Sparkk TV Accounts. You can also share episodes or blog posts using a Social media Account, no information is collected in this except the link of the page which was shared.

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