What Is Sparkk TV?

Sparkk TV is an Online Television Network, airing original, on-demand, made for internet TV shows (aka Web Series & Webisodes), commercial-free. For more information about Sparkk TV, please see the About Us section of our website.

Sparkk TV currently uses and optimizes YouTube for it's shows Video hosting purposes for Full Episodes, Previews, Clips and more... Sparkk TV currently utilizes the YouTube API and serves video through it's own custom video player.

Sparkk TV does this for advertising purposes. We allow the shows creators/Production Studio the ability to monetize their own content while we only monetize our site. We feel this opens the door for a smoother web enhancement by not hosting the videos ourselves, it allows the server to keep running without crashes while allowing our show runners the chance to be creative in how they advertise and monetize their content.

Sparkk TV has a simple Copyright Policy, since we do not host our own servers and are content distribution only the following applies:
Sparkk TV does not own any of it's intellectual properties. We are a distributor/network of airing shows, webseries, webisodes and online web entertainment content. We only air shows that have given us permission to or are owned by Sparkk TV. All shows that air on Sparkk TV have been approved by the owner of the content to be aired on Sparkk TV. We steal no information and claim no ownership on any of the shows we do not own personally. Do Not re-duplicate or re-air any content seen on Sparkk TV without the express written consent of the content's owner or Sparkk TV. Please use the Submit a Request section to get a hold of all properties & content owners. Our Terms Of Use is available along with other FAQ/Support for any other questions you may have or need answered about Sparkk TV.

Sparkk TV is currently available worldwide by accessing our website on your browser. However we may not be fully supported in all countries due to Copyright restrictions or blackouts. At this time the following countries are fully supported by Sparkk TV due to all series being available only in English language.
  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
Currently country support is up to our video hosts and how they deal with copyrights but we are always in contact with them to make sure we keep our shows remaining available in most countries.

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