How Can I Watch on my TV?

Currently Sparkk TV is only available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV & Xbox One. We are looking to add more platforms in the future. Our app does NOT come pre-loaded on any TV at this time. If you are using a Roku TV, just download our app from the channel store. We support most Roku devices that have been built since 2014.

The Roku version is a Weekly T-10 version that is a spin-off of our Blog feature.
The Amazon Fire TV app is a full version that includes all episodes to watch on demand with new episodes added at their launch.

Our Xbox One app is a port of our Windows OS app and allows you to watch all of our Full Episodes available.

What is Weekly T-10?
Sparkk TV - Weekly T-10 is the Smart TV app that is available on Roku. The app is based on the Blog feature, Weekly T-10. Every week the Top 10 episodes that are viewed on Sparkk TV will be featured and ranked from 10-1.

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