Dark Mode

Dark Mode has arrived on SparkkTV.com, but what is Dark Mode and how do you control it. We decided to not use a toggle like other sites, instead our dark mode is based on the user's OS preference in macOS & Windows 10. If you are using Light Mode you will be the light site & Dark Mode will see the dark site. Currently this feature is only available when using the following browsers.
  1. Safari 12.1+ (macOS & iOS 13.x)
  2. Firefox 67+ (Windows 10 & macOS)
  3. Chrome 72+ (macOS, Windows 10, iOS 13.x & Android 9+)
  4. Edge Chromium based (Windows 10)
macOS 10.14.4 or later is required.

More support is expected for this feature in the future and we will support mobile once it is available on Android & iOS. If you are using a browser that does not support this feature, you will see the Light Mode website by default. You can see below for examples of Dark Mode & Light Mode along with video showing you how to switch using macOS.

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