Sparkk TV on Social Media

Sparkk TV has gone social. Or at least we encourage it from our viewers. We have replaced our Comments on each episode with share links for Facebook, Twitter and more... Why you ask? Because we have gone social and what better place to talk about or give feedback on episode than Social Media Platforms.

We ask that you always be kind to others when commenting on our posts. We encourage you to share, like and subscribe.
We post every new episode that airs on Sparkk TV to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. We also supply hashtags on each post in order for you to use the same hashtags or search for our posts. Any feedback will be send directly to our showrunners, so it helps them.
So while we no longer offer direct on-page comments, we have grown. When you share one of our posts, it goes further than on-page comments did.

And always remember to use the hashtag #SparkkTV

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