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Your profile is private to you, no other users can see it.

In your main profile, available when logged-in by clicking your image in the upper right hand corner of the header or on the main menu under Your Account. You will see different Tabs. Details and About Me were filled out when you registered for your Account, unless you used a Social Media Account to join Sparkk TV. Then these sections can be filled out by going to Edit Profile and filling out the information.

To edit your profile at any time, just hit the edit button in the upper right hand corner of your profile. Your profile also shows you your last visit and registration date. If no image is shown as an avatar, it is because you have not set up a Gravatar using the email address you are using on Sparkk TV.

My List shows you all the Full Episodes you have added to your Queue. If you have not added any episodes to your Queue then it will display the message that No Items Have Been Added To Your Queue.

Sparkk TV uses gravatar to display a picture or avatar for your account. Always make sure you have a Gravatar set-up for the email address you are using on Sparkk TV or a default blank image will be used. Prior to February 2017, Sparkk TV allowed uploads of custom avatars but switched to Gravatar after the old Comments system was deprecated and the new system required Gravatar. To edit your Gravatar or create a Gravatar account using your email address, please visit Gravatar's Website.

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