When Do New Episodes Get Added? (Or No Episodes in a While)

Please visit our schedule to see our airing schedule for new episodes of your favorite shows. After the original airing, the episodes are available on-demand and can be watched anytime on SparkkTV.com or using the Sparkk TV app.
After a Season has completed, shows go on what is called a 'hiatus'. During this time a show may be planning another season or the shows can be declared complete. Because Sparkk TV is airing new shows all the time, it may take longer for a new season of your favorite show to start airing on Sparkk TV. The show may also not be producing another season. We ask that you stay tuned to your favorite show via Social media (Links available on Show Pages) and stay tuned to news from Sparkk TV, to find out when new episodes will be airing. In addition, you can also check the schedule.

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