How Do I Submit My Series To Sparkk TV?

Sparkk TV is always looking for the next great series or breakout hit for it's network. But as with everything, we have proper ways & professional ways to do things. We usually will promote a series on Social Media before it airs and start giving teasers for the show, so please have a trailer ready for Sparkk TV to edit for airing on our network.

You want to Submit A Series to Sparkk TV? Here is how...
Just Contact Us, then make sure you follow all the directions and give us as much information as possible. Be sure to read the the requirements below to know what we need and the FAQ entitled What Should I Have Ready For My Show Submission?', so when we reply back to you, you will have everything ready to send to us. Again please leave us an email address where we can reply back to you if you are not already logged into our system.


  • Show Name
  • Email Address
  • Pilot Episode
  • Synopsis of Show

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