What Should I Have Ready For My Show Submission?

After you submit a series to Sparkk TV, we will review the series. If we decide to pick up the series to air on Sparkk TV (we pick up most series), we will email you back and request the following...
  • Please include 1 Show Banner 1920 x 800 that will be the banner for the show page without any branding. Then 1 images will be 570 x 350; must include your show name and will be used for episode pages. (Please see any show page to get an idea).
  • Cast Picture for each cast member with a bio for each cast member.
  • Episode Guide with TV Guide style descriptions.
  • Trailer/Promo that Sparkk TV can edit so we can promote series on Sparkk TV.
  • About The Show synopsis with Creator name
  • Where to find the series with links to Youtube. (We use the YouTube API to input the link into our custom Video Player)
  • Any other clips or Behind The Scenes videos you want included on our site
The faster we have all this information, the faster we can put a show on our schedule. We like to promote the series for a few weeks before airing to gain viewers or interest in the series before premiere, to help grow your viewership and gauge interest.

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