Your Privacy Matters

What Third-Party Vendors Are You Using?

We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & YouTube API. In order to know what information they may collect or use, you will need to visit there site's Privacy Policy or Terms Of Use. Some information about collection and what information is used is also available in our Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use.

What Information Do You Collect During Social Login?

Our Social Media information collection is limited to Email & Birthdate for your acount information. You can also share episodes or blog posts using a Social media Account, however no information is collected in this except the link of the page which was shared.

How Often Do You Update Your Terms Of Use or Privacy Policy?

All information in both our Terms Of Use & privacy Policy are up to date. Whenever we install something new or make any changes that affect either of those, they are updated right away to reflect changes to the end-user. We have a 100% transparency policy with all our users. We want you to always know what we are doing.

Do You Sell My Information?

100% NO. We never touch your information, your information remains 100% private other than what may be collected by a third-party vendor.


When you create a Sparkk TV account, you may opt into receiving emails from Sparkk TV. All emails from Sparkk TV will come from, unless you contact our Support Team, those will come from Emails from any other sources are fake and you should contact us right way and report this, by using the Contact Us link.

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