What Is Sparkk TV?

If you are reading this, then that means you are interested in knowing what Sparkk TV is and why you should watch it, or maybe you just need some more information. Don't worry we are here to help you.

What Is Sparkk TV?

Sparkk TV is the leading Online TV Network for all original independent web series & web movies from some of the best independent show-runners in the world. All of our shows are available anytime, on-demand after their first airing. What does that mean, it means we offer a TV Network style airing of new shows and season airing on a weekly basis.

Is There Commercials?

No commercials here. Our episodes & movies are ad-free. The only ads on our site are banner ads (because we still have to pay the bills).

That sounds awesome, but is there a catch?

No catch, we are not only a FREE service, but also ad-free.
Better yet, you don't have to wait for activation. Just start watching on any supported device and be sure to have a solid internet connection. That's it very basic...

But Don't I Need An Account?

No, you can watch for free without ever creating an account. However if you want to add any of your favorite episodes to a feature we call My List or receive our emails and newsletters about upcoming shows or events, then you may want to have an account. otherwise, enjoy watching.

What If I Don't Live In The USA?

No worries, we are available around the whole globe, just make sure to have a supported device. The only thing we can say though is our site & apps are only available in English. But we heard Google Translate is a good thing to use...

Ok I'm Ready to Go...

Sound great, but be sure to visit Getting Started with Sparkk TV for more information on how to use Sparkk TV.

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