Sparkk TV has multiple Blogs available on it's site. You can find the main page of the blog available at Below you will find an overview of what you can expect in each blog category and how often you can expect a Blog posted.

These are blog posts that do not have a specific area to belong in. These posts are very rare and rarely posted.

These are blog posts that contain news alerts regarding Sparkk TV. These posts are not a regular blog and are only posted when Breaking news is available regarding new Series, New Seasons or other News related stories.

This is the blog that shows you new features or the status based on the development of the site, apps or anything related to Sparkk TV. This is just like a tech blog and anyone who wants an inside look at what it takes to run our site and apps will enjoy this blog category. These posts are updated regular and can be posted anywhere from a few times a week to once a week or month. (The Development Blog is being moved to the Medium platform in the future.)

These are blog posts that related to Support or Help problems. Most of these posts will also be available here in our Knowledge Base. These posts are very rare.

This is one of the biggest and most viewed blogs on our site. The Weekly T-10 is a blog that is updated weekly that shows you the 10 most watched episodes on our site in a week. Posted on Mondays.

The newest feature, every month we go in-depth from staff suggestions and give you 2 shows from random genres that you should binge watch for the month. We even give our staff's reasons why you will love each show and why you should binge watch it. Posted once a month.

Feedback and Knowledge Base