Sparkk TV Comments are a feature that allow users to comment, reply, & discuss Full Episodes with other Sparkk TV Account users. This feature is only available to those who have registered a Sparkk TV Account using their email or Social media profile. We encourage users to review or give honest opinions on our series/episodes that we can send along to Producers and show runners to help give them feedback for the future.

This feature existed under names such as Discussions & SocialZONE in the past but was removed in Late 2017 due to Spam and other bad use cases (before Sparkk TV Account was created).We have created 7 simple rules for using Comments, failure to follow these rules may result in loss of commenting on your Sparkk TV Account. The rules can be found at the top of the comment section in every episode of every Sparkk TV series. As seen below...

The Comments feature uses the same Gravatar as your account and will use your Username that you set-up/chose when you registered your Sparkk TV Account. Your email address or any other personal information will never be seen by any other user. Also if you request deletion of your Sparkk TV Account at any time, all comments and replies you have posted will be deleted as well, along with any replies from other users to your comments.

To use comments you must be logged into your Sparkk TV Account. If you are not logged in, you will be able to see comments but no text box will appear to reply or start your own comment. After logging in, you will see the comment box appear to be able to leave you now comment. Comments are available right away and can deleted or edited through the My Comments button in your Account menu.

We are not making the comments feature available to our Blog posts at this time, it is something we will consider in the future. However this Comments feature is made to focus on Episodes for shows and giving honest opinion and reviews.

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