AirPlay / Chromecast

Using our PWA app on iOS you can AirPlay our entire app to your Apple TV using the built-in AirPlay settings of your iOS device. In addition once you start playing a video on our app, you will see the AirPlay button.

Chromecast is available on Android devices along with Chromebooks & any desktop using Chrome browser. Because of this, the explanation gets complicated. If using an Android device, be sure to download our app from Google Play or using our PWA directly through your Chrome browser. You can then mirror your phone to your Chromecast and watch Full Episodes on your TV.
Using a Chromebook you can either use our Google Play application as above or cast the tab from our website and then watch the full episode on your TV.
On desktop/laptops using Chrome you can cast the entire tab from our website and play a full episode to your TV.
Casting is also available to most Roku devices using the same methods as above.

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