How does Sparkk TV work for showrunners?

We offer content curation to our content creators using the YouTube API, we allow you a platform to grow your web series and give your fans/viewers and easier way to find your series while we also promote your series. All views on our site count towards your YouTube views and you monetize your own content.

We have been airing series on Sparkk TV (and the former VBCtv) for many years, we have the experience and knowledge to help grow your series and fans. Social media is the biggest advantage to any media network and/or showrunner.

But of course we cannot do it alone, it also takes the help of our showrunner promoting his/her series as airing on Sparkk TV. We can only promote and advertise to the existing Sparkk TV viewers and fans. Our showrunners must promote to their existing fans who can then reach out farther and help grow your viewership and watch the series on Sparkk TV.

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