What Is PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web Application and is deemed the future of Apps. It does not require and App Store and can be installed directly through the browser on your desktop or mobile device.
Microsoft, Android, Amazon & Samsung allow these types of apps to be uploaded to their App Stores and published in a standard fashion as well as the ability to install directly from their Chrome and/or Edge browsers.
Apple is the last hold-out and can ONLY be installed from Safari on iOS & iPadOS.

Sparkk TV in 2019 went away from standard apps and chose to instead utilize PWA’s. The advantage over our older native apps is that you receive our full feature set available to Sparkk TV web users.
In November 2019, we announced that our iOS/iPadOS app would be discontinued on December 15 in favor of a PWA. To know how to install this PWA on your iPhone/iPad, click here...

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