How To Install Our Google Play App

Our Google Play App is a PWA that is uploaded to the Google Play Store which makes it known as a TWA (Trusted Web App) according to Google standards.

To download our app, go to the Google Play Store and in the search bar, type Sparkk TV.

Then click on the Sparkk TV when it comes up on the search bar, it will take you to the results, where you will see our app listed. If the app is already installed on your device, you will see the Installed text next to the app.

Click on the Sparkk TV result where you see our logo to go into the full page where you can install the app. You can also join the Beta where we put out new features (features are based around the app, the Sparkk TV part of the app is based upon our website and changes without being a beta member.)

You now have our app installed on your Android based device and can open it and experience everything that is Sparkk TV.

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