How To Install Our Fire Tablet App

Our Amazon Fire OS app for Fire Tablets is PWA based that is uploaded to the Amazon App Store. You still get the full security of an app but all the features of Sparkk TV.

To download our app, go to the Amazon AppStore on your Fire Tablet device. Then click the sidebar menu and go to App Store. If you have downloaded our app in the past, you can go to library instead to re-download our app.

From there, click on the search bar as seen below, and type Sparkk TV as the keyword. Then hit the search button on your keyboard.

You will then see the results of the search as seen below. Click on our result to be taken to our app page. If the application is already installed on your device, you will see the Open button as seen below.

You can now download our app by hitting the Get button. If the application is already installed, it will show the Open button instead as seen below.

Once our app is installed, you can enjoy and experience all that Sparkk TV has to offer. Watch full episodes, learn more about the cast and so much more...

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