Sparkk TV on YouTube

Sparkk TV on YouTube is a brand new way to watch all your favorite Sparkk TV web series & web movies on your TV platform without the need to install another app. This is made exclusively for TV and works with any TV device that YouTube can be loaded on. You still need to download or app on mobile devices or use our website on desktop in order to watch Sparkk TV, this only works on TV's.

Supported Devices
  • Smart TV's with an App Store or Youtube preinstalled
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox One S/X
  • PS3/PS4

First open to YouTube app and go to the search bar. Some of you may already have subscrbed to our YouTube channel and can just go to subscriptions to access our channel. In the search bar type Sparkk TV. Then you will see your results, click the first result which is our channel.

Once you are on our channel, scroll down until you see Created Playlists. We have created one for every Season, so be sure to find the show and/or Season of that show you are looking for. The whole line scrolls.

Some shows do not have a Season listed, this is because they only have one Season available.
Then when you are ready, click on the thumbnail to start watching. You will start by viewing episode 1, in the movies category they are listed A-Z.

To view other episodes or find the one you are looking for, just press down on your remote or controller.

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